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Pad printing is an indirect way of printing:

The pad takes up the image from an etched printing plate and transfers it onto the object.

By using extremely elastic pads, concave, convex, regular and irregular shaped objects can be printed.

Watch our video to see the principle of pad printing

Starting position

Pad and printing plate are in their starting positions.

Printing plate moves forward

The printing plate glides forward underneath the ink cup, and comes to a standstill with the ink image underneath the pad.

Taking up ink

The pad moves down and unrolls over the printing plate, taking up the inked image.

Inked pad

The image was correctly transferred onto the silicon pad.

Printing plate retracts

The printing plate moves back (1), clearing the path for the pad to move down towards the product to print the image (2).

Printing the product

The pad moves down and unrolls over the product, completely depositing the inked image.

Pad retracts

The pad moves back to its starting position and a new printing cycle begins.